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4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Bora Purple All Over Again

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bora Purple

With all the shades of purple that have been on Samsung Galaxy phones, this royal colour has become the hallmark of Galaxy’s signature style, with the Orchid Grey Samsung Galaxy S8, the Lilac Purple Galaxy S9, the Violet S22 series, the Lavender Z Flip3… and not forgetting our signature Bora Purple that’s available in our latest launch of the Galaxy Z Flip4. 

From the sleek and pocketable design of the Galaxy Z Flip4’s form factor, to its unique Bora Purple colour, which is one of the popular reasons that this phone is definitely a keeper, here are 4 reasons that will make you fall in love with Bora Purple all over again. 

  1. Bora Purple means Purple Purple. Did you know that “Bora” is the Korean translation for the word “purple”, making it literally “Purple Purple”, a cute and trendy moniker for the colour!
  2. It’s Purple! Each colour has its own story and set of distinguishing traits. Purple for instance is automatically recognised as a colour of royalty, luxury, creativity, wisdom, and magic. Among all the different shades of colours launched on various Galaxy phones, Purple has been one of the most beloved. With its bright and eye-catching characteristics, Bora Purple evokes joy, sparks creativity, and embraces individuality.
  3. Freedom to be you. It’s true that nothing screams embracing individuality like choosing a phone in a unique colour. Another reason that you will love our Bora Purple is the flexibility and freedom in expressing yourself to show everyone your abiding love for this awesome colour. If you’re all about colour-blocking, then you can make your Galaxy Z Flip4 really one-of-a-kind by pairing it with any of the other colours available in the BESPOKE edition.
  4. Rock that trend. Our Bora Purple is now a trend in itself. And the ability to flip and flex your Galaxy Z Flip4 device is already one of the trends nowadays. That, together with the freedom of customising, you and your phone will definitely be the centre of attention. Go ahead, make them look. 

So, why not start personalising your BESPOKE edition with Bora Purple now at https://www.samsung.com/my/mobile/galaxy-bespoke/galaxy-z-flip4/

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