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Apple Intends To Replace Passports, Driving License with iPhone


It has been common for smartphones to be carried around by people – some even forget to bring wallets and such, but not for the smartphones.

In line with this, various manufacturers are aiming to replace consumer products with smartphones. Apple itself has previously included wallet integration as well as keys – two things that users often carry in their pockets.

Through a patent registered by Apple, it has revealed the computer giant was also aiming to replace identity documents such as passports and licenses using the iPhone, recently.

With this step, users will just have to carry their iPhone wherever they go, and not have to worry about missing out on their main identification documents when they leave.

While these ideas may sound interesting, the use of documents such as passports requires verification from various countries – while ensuring that they adhere to a set of international standards.

At this time, it is merely a patent filing, and it is unknown whether it will be implemented sooner or later.

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