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iPhone SE 2020 Confirmed Reusing Most of iPhone 8 Components


Some folks claim the iPhone SE 2020 only shares its name with the original iPhone SE. While it is more like an iPhone 8. But a video from a Chinese user released yesterday confirmed that the iPhone SE 2020 has reused components from the iPhone 8.

Among the reused components are the battery, screen, and frame design. Changes to be made are the processors (A13 Bionic instead A11 Bionic), WiFi module, modem module, bigger RAM, and new camera sensors. To confirm the same components were used, the screen of an iPhone 8 was replaced on this new device and it operated without problems.

When an iPhone 8 motherboard is included in the iPhone SE 2020, it can be turned on with a properly functioning audio system. But when the camera is ready to be used no image can be displayed that confirms the changes to the camera sensor. Additionally, another change was made to the battery connected to the motherboard.

With the possible reuse of components from devices that have been around for nearly three years, it’s no surprise that the sale price of the iPhone SE 2020 is very affordable starting at $399.

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