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Mount Everest Now Has 5G Network


It’s a common knowledge that we may lost the cellular service while doing outdoor activities. Chance you’ll get to communicate at the top of a mountain are almost none. But somehow, at Mount Everest today, you will get 5G fast Internet network service.

China Mobile installed the 5G tower at an altitude of 5145 meters on April 13. They then stream live video for 24 hours using this new 5G Internet network. Then on April 19, two base camps at a height of 5,300 meters and 5,800 meters were successfully connected to the network.

China Mobile will then build another 5G tower at a height of 6,500 meters to allow cellular service of up to 1 Gigabit per second broadcast at the summit of Everest. With the fast Internet connection, it is easier to connect between climbers and the base camps. Theoretically, climbers can stream videos as soon as they reach the top.

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