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Spotify Updates Android TV Application With New Interface


For a long time, the Spotify app on Android TV used the same interface design and this time it has need to change.

Until recently, Spotify has updated their app interface for Android TV. The sidebar now has tabs for Home, Search, Your Library and Account which are slightly in line with the interface on the smartphone. In the Home section, it displays an album or playlist you just played, choosing an auto playlist like Daily Mix. While on the Search tab , it shows searches based on Genre & Mood. In Your Library, it is more organized and easier to control for a television.

The interface of the album or the Now Playing section remains the same. However, when a music is playing – the background of the application will change based on the selected music album. Finally, the Account section has the Behind The Lyrics option, log out and change user accounts. This update should be updated automatically. If not, just open the Play Store on Android TV and start downloading.

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