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Microsoft promises to improve the performance of Windows 11 by 2022


It is natural for every new operating system launched to experience various types of problems and receive complaints from its users. Windows 11 is no exception and Microsoft has recently had to deal with various problems that surround it.

One of the issues that often receive consumer complaints is regarding the performance of Windows 11 and Microsoft will take this matter seriously throughout the year 2022.

Through a post on Reddit, the Windows 11 developer team received various questions from its community. Microsoft took note of this and the following is a statement about it:

Performance will be an area of focus for us in 2022. A lot of that focus will go into startup/launch perf; in terms of UI elements rendering on the screen (after the framework is loaded), we’ve tested the scalability of doing things like putting 10k buttons on the screen, etc. Most of the UI elements render pretty quickly already, but it would be good to understand if there are specific UI element scaling/slowness issues you’re experiencing and we could take a look into that specific scenario.

The answer came after one of the users has expressed his opinion on this issue:

“To me, like every classic interface (UI) element that has been replaced with the UWP version of XAML in Windows 10 has been felt to be getting slower. This problem still persists in Windows 11 and seems to be one of the key features of this new XAML. Will this problem be a priority for improvement? ”

Microsoft is serious

Through different comments on Reddit, a Microsoft spokesperson informed that it is concerned about this performance issue.

Internally, in addition to wanting to focus some of our our UX framework’s time on perf in 2022, we also have a dedicated team formed recently to tackle this topic more holistically. So there’s multiple things we’re collectively doing here to try and make sure we have a good perf story.

This development is seen as an effort by Microsoft to take seriously every view of its users and has given the best response. Whether Microsoft is really living up to its promise to its users we still have to wait and see.

Microsoft previously had to revert to the previous version of the Whiteboard application due to various issues mainly involving performance. For this time, Microsoft is at least aware of the views of users and taking appropriate steps to fix them.

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